Dartmouth College, Development Planning
Hanover, NH

For Dartmouth College, William Rawn Associates created the Master Plan of a mixed-use development in Hanover, NH. The Plan focused on several block-sized sites within downtown Hanover, where undergraduate, graduate and faculty housing were integrated into the existing town fabric. Cognizant of the incredibly delicate nature of Hanover and its overwhelming success at integrating the life of the Town with Dartmouth College, we completed a careful analysis of the qualities that work together to define Hanover. Through the interpretation of these principles we were able to develop a master plan that seamlessly integrates itself into the town’s existing fabric while extending that fabric in a logical and appropriate manner.

Our of the master plan, multiple projects were identified and select projects were implemented over time:
• 5,7,9 South Street
• Balch Street Apartments
• North Park Housing