Ashdown Graduate Residence Halls
Cambridge, MA

The first LEED Gold certified building at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this 550-bed residence hall complex sets a new standard for sustainable design on campus while also providing for a long-lasting socially sustainable culture of education and communication. Developed on a brownfield site, the project incorporates significant energy savings, daylighting to 90% of spaces, stormwater runoff management, recycling on-site and low-flow water fixtures. Other features include low-VOC paints and adhesives, high-recycled-content carpets and linoleum, and high-efficiency lighting fixtures and heating boilers. The project also serves as an educational tool, with monitors throughout the building displaying real-time energy use, and as a benchmark for future campus buildings. Completed in 2008. (250,000 s.f.)
Photography © Robert Benson
Cedar Rapids Federal Courthouse
Cedar Rapids, IA

Sited on the Cedar River in Cedar Rapids, IA, this new Federal District Court is part of the GSA Design Excellence program, continuing the GSA’s commitment to sustainable design for new federal buildings. Certified as LEED Gold, the project’s sustainable design strategies achieve 22.5% greater energy efficiency than the baseline standard. Sustainable features include: sustainable site design and grey water capturing for irrigation; 30% reduction in building water use; a high-performance exterior envelope; an efficient mechanical plant (employs a water side economizer, allowing the facility to operate with the chillers shut down in winter); sustainable materials (20% post-construction, post-industrial material and wood from sustainable forests); 95% of construction waste recycled; and an educational kiosk and outreach programs further integrate sustainability into the building’s civic mission. The project broke ground in Spring 2009. The Associate Architect is OPN Architects (300,000 g.s.f.)
© Robert Benson Photography
2011 Sustainable Design Award, Boston Society of Architects
2010 Beyond Green High-Performance Building Awards: Citation for Innovative Envelope System, Sustainable Buildings Industry Council (SBIC)
2010 Integrated Design/Integrated Development Award (IDID) for Excellence in Sustainable Design, AIA New Hampshire
2010 Harleston Parker Medal for the “Most Beautiful Building” in Boston, Boston Society of Architects
2010 Annual Design Review Award, ARCHITECT Magazine, November 2010
2010 Honor Award for Design Excellence, AIA New England
2010 Honor Award for Design Excellence, Boston Society of Architects
2010 Award for Interior Design/Interior Architecture, Boston Society of Architects
2010 Preservation Award, Massachusetts Historical Commission
2010 Cambridge Historical Commission Special Recognition
2011 Metal in Architecture Awards – Sustainable Design Category, Metal Architecture Magazine
2011 Illumination Award, Illumination Engineering Society of Boston (IES)
2011 ULI Awards for Design Excellence – Finalist
2011 International Design Awards – Finalist
2010 AGC Aon Build America Award, Associated General Contractors of America
2010 Library Design Showcase, American Libraries Magazine, April 2010
One of the 10 Best Boston-Area Buildings of the Decade (2000-2010), Boston Herald, January 4, 2010
Cambridge Public Library
Cambridge, MA

This LEED Silver main public library includes the preservation of the historic library (27,200 s.f.) and a major new building (76,200 s.f.). The project features the first double-skin curtainwall of its type in the U.S. (180’ long, 35’ high, 3’ deep with adjustable louvers), allowing for complete transparency while protecting from excessive heat gain, heat loss, and glare. The facade saves energy (50 % reduction compared to conventional curtainwall) & maximizes comfort at the reading spaces. The 3’ airspace opens in summer to keep heat from entering the building & closes in the winter to create an insulating “thermal blanket.” The Associate Architect is Ann Beha Architects.
Photography: © Robert Benson; © Chuck Choi

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William Rawn Associates Architects
The Images Publishing Group Pty Ltd, 2014

"To honor and respect the American public, we have carried on a search for the American values closest to our hearts: a democratic and accessible architecture, built on the values of meritocracy and equal opportunity for all. It is our hope that our buildings explicitly and implicitly celebrate these qualities so special to the American experience. Our civic buildings, college and university buildings, cultural and performance buildings, spiritual buildings, and performance buildings, and even our hotels seek to emphasize this commitment as strongly as they can..."

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William Rawn: Architecture for the Public Realm
Essays by William Rawn
Introduction by Paul A. Barreneche
Edizioni Press, May 2002

This volume presents 15 of the firm's most important projects, including Seiji Ozawa Hall at Tanglewood, Loew's Boston Hotel, the Rochester Riverfront Redevelopment projects, and the Superblock Housing Competition at the University of Pennsylvania. Color photography, detailed drawings, and insightful text illustrate the architects' process and the resulting built environments, which take a humanistic stance on public and private space.

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"Patterns of Place" by William Rawn
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"Immersion" by Samuel Lasky
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"Transparency" by Clifford Gayley
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"Our Practice" by Douglas Johnston
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"Where the City Meets the Water" by William Rawn
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"A Room for Music" by William Rawn
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"Campus and the City" by William Rawn
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"The Public, the Concert Hall, and the Theater" by William Rawn
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