2022 Philanthropic Focus

3.1.2023 | Alicia Drumm + Dasha Mikic | Social Justice

During Women’s History Month, we want to take a moment to acknowledge the rights and liberties taken from women, girls, and gender expansive individuals. While Dobbs v. Jackson was the most obvious illustration of forward progress stalling in the USA, there are countless examples from across the globe in which women are fighting to live as equals to their male counterparts. We must continue to fight and press for paths forward that reflect a more equitable and just world.

Each year we at WRA aim to make a difference in our community by sharing a one-time annual gift with a local group or program whose mission supports a need that is both local and current. In 2020 we supported the Greater Boston Food Bank as a way of combating the food anxiety brought on by the pandemic. The following year we supported the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance, as it reflects our firm’s commitment to community action and addresses the growing need for housing in the city of Boston.

This past year we donated to the Boston Women’s Fund. This organization “uplifts, advocates for, and invests in women, girls, and gender-expansive individuals who are leading grassroots organizations and systems change.” Their goal to strive for racial, economic, social, and gender justice is one that resonates strongly with us, and we hope to highlight their organization in celebration of Women’s History Month.

The BWF grantee pictured in the image to the right is the organization "Love Your Magic" which has a mission to help Black and Brown girls develop self-love, self-advocacy, and sisterhood.