BPL Central Branch Transformation Book

July 1, 2016 | William Rawn Associates | Cultural + Civic Realm

Library design is undergoing a period of exciting experimentation – redefining how libraries connect to their cities and impact the lives of their patrons. Collaborating with the Cities of Boston and Cambridge on multiple projects, William Rawn Associates has explored new directions in opening libraries to the life of the city. 

The 2016 transformation of the Boylston Street Building of the Boston Public Library Central Branch expresses a new type of urban library known as the 'Big Urban Room.' This design is forged at the heart of this urban landmark.

Following completion of the project, William Rawn Associates published a comprehensive book (revised in 2023) documenting the design inspirations and major ideas behind the Boylston Street Library Transformation project.

This publication is now available for free in an easy-to-read format at the link below.


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