Whose Pipeline is it Anyway?

06.08.23 | Sindu Meier, Abigail Smith Vu, + Alicia Drumm | Social Justice

In June of 2023, WRA Associate Principal Sindu Meier moderated a panel at the AIA Conference on Architecture. A pre-recording of this session is available for purchase here and is worth 1.5 LUs.

Architects are challenged to create inclusive teams, but often, client requirements for schedule and a team’s history together, portfolio, and longevity cause architects to select teams based on the “safe bet.” And both architects and clients look to educators to generate a pipeline of diverse young designers. What are the responsibilities of each party (client, architect, and educator) to create high-performing and representative teams? Join this panel for an insightful discussion on addressing the challenge of meaningful inclusion in the design/construction industry.

Learning Objectives

  • Serve as a positive force for inclusion in the profession, firm leadership and project teams, and impact the expansion of the talent pool.
  • Understand why expanding the talent pool benefits all parties, including clients, architects, and educators.
  • Shift your organization’s policy and approach to hiring, retention, and future leadership to create a more diverse workforce.
  • Prepare for firm owners’ expectations on inclusivity as they shift from percentages to comprehensive goals for diversity on project teams.

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