Town of Brookline
Brookline High School, STEM Wing Addition



Brookline High School, STEM Wing Addition


Town of Brookline


Brookline, MA




67,000 GSF


K-12 Education, Renovations + Additions

The Brookline High School Expansion Project creates a unified civic campus around historic Cypress Field. Our first phase of this project was the STEM Wing addition to the historic high school. The project fits into a cherished campus setting, with new welcoming front porches and a unified architectural language, while transforming the streetscape to facilitate a safer and more welcoming student experience when traveling between buildings. The project introduces an new front door to the existing school building. It provides 16 state-of-the-art STEM biology and chemistry labs and flexible use breakout spaces to enable faculty to engage students deeply by increasing flexibility in instruction, exploring connections between subjects and fostering faculty collaboration.


This project is the result of a highly inclusive design process with over 140 meetings with elected officials and boards, neighbors and residents, educators, and students. The STEM Wing and the Freshman campus at 22 Tappan will increase the capacity of the high school by 700 students, reflecting the city's vision of accommodating its growing student population in the coming years.

Awards + Recognition

2022 BSA Interior Architecture/Interior Design Citation

Project Consultants

Structural Engineer | LeMessurier Consultants, Inc.

Mechanical / Electrical Engineer | Rist-Frost Schumway Engineering

Civil Engineer | Nitsch Engineering

Landscape Architect | Lemon Brooke, LLC.

Interior Designer | Stefura Associates

Sustainability Design Consultant | The Green Engineer

Lighting Consultant | Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design

Acoustical Engineer | Acentech

AV Consultant | Acentech

Food Service Consultant | Crabtree McGrath Associates, Inc.

Photographer | Robert Benson

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