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The Student Hall for Exploration and Development



The Student Hall for Exploration and Development


Rochester Institute of Technology


Rochester, NY




260,000 GSF


Campus Innovations, The Arts, Renovations + Additions

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MRB Group (AOR)

The Student Hall for Exploration and Development (The SHED), together with the renovated Wallace Library, creates a unique learning ecosystem – a creative hub with a focus on hands-on learning. Located along the “quarter mile” at the center of RIT's campus, the SHED and Wallace Library create an active destination for students and faculty from all disciplines at an important campus gateway and crossroads. The SHED spotlights RIT students’ creative collaboration, revealing maker and project team spaces on three floors, dance studios, rehearsal rooms, a glass-box theater, and numerous spaces for informal group study.


The SHED is conceptually a building constructed around a central hub of activity. The "hole" created at the center of the complex connects the parts of the hub that foster creativity, teamwork, and transparency.

On the ground floor a large interior maker space spills out into a collective work zone that is visible from every angle of the surrounding building.

Two bridges connect the second story that encircles the "hole" from above, creating a connection from the music spaces on the east to the technology and engineering spaces on the west. Beneath the bridges a major thoroughfare runs from southernmost edge of the campus to the heart of the university just north of the SHED.

Wallace Library Renovation

Seamlessly connected to the maker activity of the SHED on each floor, the renovated Wallace Library reimagines the academic library as a place for engaged learning, content creation, and interdisciplinary collaboration. With the repositioning of the Circulation Desk (and its associated back of house spaces), the ground level opens up to an “interior street” connecting library front door to café, tech center, Knowledge Market, the center of the SHED, and across the bridge to Monroe Hall (Student Union).

Special library resources (Archives and Cary Collection) are repositioned to be visible and accessible from the SHED, with the library’s historic printing presses becoming its own maker space expanding the SHED’s range of maker resources.


Structural Engineer | LeMessurier Consultants, Inc.

Mechanical / Electrical Engineer | M/E Engineering

Civil Engineer | BME Associates

Landscape Architect | Bayer Landscape Architecture

Lighting Consultant | Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design

Theater Consultant | Theatre Projects Consultants, Inc.

AV Consultant | Theatre Projects Consultants, Inc.

Acoustical Engineer | Threshold Acoustics

Cost Estimator | Trophy Point

Photographer | Robert Benson

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