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Klarman Hall is a 1,000-seat hall that provides a flexible convening, presentation and collaboration space at the heart of the historic Harvard Business School campus. Equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual systems, comfortable seating for variable audience sizes from 300 to 600 to 1,000 and excellent acoustics for spoken word, the building meets the current and future demands of the school’s numerous conferences, lectures, education, and cultural programs and performances. As a centerpiece of the school’s convening infrastructure, Klarman Hall is designed to extend HBS’s global convening footprint. Implementation of state-of-the-art audio-visual voice lift systems creates intimacy, dissolving distinctions between audience and presenter.

Klarman Hall - it’s a space that sparks imagination. It has all the great elements of our classrooms with little separation between our teachers, presenters and students, and a remarkable performance space.

Nitin Nohria, Former Dean, Harvard Business School

The Hall is designed to accommodate three events sizes: 300 seat case-study classroom, 600 seat convening space with audio voice-lift system and a 1,000-seat convening event. The ‘case-study’ classroom ethos of the room is distinctly present and visible from the adjoining Winter Garden; a flexible space that serves both as lobby, day-time living room, event registration room and evening reception.

An operable partition allows the room to be adjusted for smaller event size at the up-state side of the main cross-aisle separating the lower parterre from the upper parterre. A gently curving seating arrangement in the Hall makes speech recognition and visual participation intimate and supportive to the participants.

Awards + Press

2022 USITT Architecture Honor Award

2019 CMAA New England New Building Construction Project of the Year

2019 IES Boston Section Illumination Merit Award

Project Consultants

Structural Engineer | LeMessurier Consultants, Inc.

Mechanical / Electrical Engineer | R.G. Vanderweil Engineers

Civil Engineer | Nitsch Engineering

Landscape Architect | Reed Hilderbrand Associates, Inc.

Lighting Consultant | Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design

Theater Consultant | Theatre Projects Consultants

Acoustical Engineer | Threshold Acoustics LLC

Photographer | Robert Benson, Jon Chase, Rose Lincoln, Evgenia Eliseeva

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