Harvard Business School
Tata Hall



Tata Hall


Harvard Business School


Boston, MA




163,000 GSF


LEED Platinum Certified


Campus Innovations, Residence Halls

This seven-story glass and stone academic and residential building defines a new precinct for Harvard Business School’s Executive Education programs by creating a new quadrangle and public face to the city. The building is an immersive learning environment with breakout spaces and case study classrooms in addition to the residential component. Tata Hall reflects Dean Nitin Nohria’s belief in a “global century” by projecting a strongly contemporary, welcoming & transparent face for Executive Education at HBS along the Charles River. With integrative sustainable design like High Performance Double-Skin Curtainwall, Tata Hall is LEED Platinum certified.

The building responds beautifully to the river in all directions and defines outdoor space on the river’s edge and the internal campus.

2016 AIA Educational Facility Design Award, Jury Comment

The arc-shaped building contains 179 bedrooms with private baths, two 99-seat tiered classrooms, as well as office space for administrative staff and common spaces to help build community among the nearly 10,000 participants who attend the Executive Education programs each year.


Tata's Hall's Double Skin Curtainwall façade consists of two layers of glass 3'-0" apart. Along with moveable blinds, this barrier helps prevent solar heat gain in summer months and acts as a thermal barrier in winter months. 

Summer: Air is drawn into cavity through vents at base and heats up. Warm air rises to top and is exhausted through glass louvers at top. Horizontal Louver Blinds reduce glare and provide shade. 

Winter: Cavity air heats up creating a thermal barrier between interior and exterior. Glass louvers at top and vents at bottom remain closed trapping warm air inside cavity. Blinds prevent low-angled sun glare.

Awards + Recognition

2016 National AIA-CAE Education Facility Design Merit Award

Project Consultants

Structural Engineer | LeMessurier Consultants, Inc.

Mechanical / Electrical Engineer | AKF Group Engineering

Civil Engineer | Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.

Landscape Architect | Reed Hilderbrand Associates, Inc.

Lighting Consultant | Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design

Photographer | Robert Benson + Bruce Martin, + Anton Grassl

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